Alces Flight Open Source Appliances

Alces Flight Application Manager

Easily install and manage your applications across multiple compute environments with the Alces Application manager - providing over 750 Linux application, compiler and library versions.

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Alces Flight Compute Appliance

Start cloud-computing today with the Alces Compute appliance to automatically deploy self-configuring, dynamic HPC environments. Why not deploy an environment on AWS?

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Alces Flight Galaxy Appliance

Deploy your own private Galaxy research compute environment, secured with SSL enryption. The Alces Galaxy appliance takes care of configuration for you, reducing your time-to-research.

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Alces Flight Access Manager

Managing multiple compute environments can be complex - the Alces Flight Access Manager provides command-line and graphical desktop session management via a simple web interface.

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Alces Flight Storage Manager

Seamlessly manage and transfer with your data across multiple storage platforms - including both file and object storage in one simple but powerful web interface

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Alces HPC Cluster

Learn how to create your own HPC cluster using AWS CloudFormation - deploying a dynamic self-configuring science-ready environment, complete with applications and batch scheduler

Alces Galaxy Environment

Deploy your own Galaxy research compute environment using AWS CloudFormation - a self-configuring environment with optional dedicated compute hosts

Alces Flight Research Environments

The Alces Flight appliances allow users of any level to deploy and use pre-configured compute environments using a number of different platforms. Currently available Alces Flight compute environments include:

  • HPC environments
    • Dynamic deployment of shared and personal Linux HPC clusters
    • A range of HPC batch schedulers
    • Over 750 application, MPI, compiler and accelerated library versions
    • Remote command-line and graphical desktop access
    • Data-management tools for file and object storage
    • Compatibility with on-premise and public cloud platforms
  • Galaxy environments
    • Pre-configured ready-for-research environment
    • Galaxy work-flow system for computational biology
    • Third-party commercial applications and utilities
    • OpenStack and AWS ready
    • Automatically generated and configured SSL certificates