The Alces Flight Application Manager appliance allows users to easily manage their applications, libraries and compilers from a single location. The Application Manager can be deployed once, or many times to serve different environments.

The Application Manager appliance includes several key features, including:

Applications on-demand

The Application Manager appliance includes access to a number of online repositories, simplifying installation and management of applications, libraries and compilers. For open-source applications, users can select between pre-built binaries for instant access and source-code repositories to allow on-demand compilation and optimisation for your platform. Commercial applications with a bring-your-own license model are also supported as required.

Share applications between all of your environments

The Application Manager can be deployed once and configured to share applications among many compute environments - reducing overall configuration time of each new compute environment you deploy. Whether you're a single user with multiple platforms, or an administrator creating an environment for multiple different research groups, Alces Flight Application Manager can streamline the setup of any size environment.

Environment module support included

The Flight Application Manager comes with Environment Modules fully integrated, allowing simple one-line setup for applications for both interactive and batch-jobs. With dependancy analysis support, searchable indexes and license information included for quick-reference, Alces Flight provides convenient features to help users get the most from their applications.

Why do I need Alces Flight Application Manager?

No other Linux research computing platform provides applications like Alces. Every day, researchers around the world repeat the same steps – downloading, compiling, optimising and configuring the same software packages for their computing environments. Although some software is simple to get running, more complex packages often have a range of software dependencies, requiring significant investment to install and manage.

The Alces Gridware project was first conceived in 2009 as a way of delivering on-demand application installation, independent of hardware configuration and Linux distribution. By storing instructions for installation and optimisation instead of binary packages, the repository can be used to deliver the same application across multiple different platforms quickly and easily. Alces Flight Application Manager utilises this technology to allow software applications, libraries and compilers to be integrated into your environment quickly and easily.

Alces Flight Application Manager aims to reduce the end-user skills required to install even the most complicated applications to just one simple command. With automatic environment module file installation and dependency analysis, isn’t it time you moved to Alces Flight to give you more time for your own research?