Familiar environment

Leverage and enhance your existing skills

The Alces Flight Compute appliance looks and feels like a traditional HPC cluster - backed by your favourite Cloud provider, allowing you to perform your research in the Cloud without needing to learn proprietary systems and techniques. Capable of running as a single machine, or scalable to many nodes for larger workloads, users can interact with a dynamic cloud environment just like it's a local cluster. With both command-line and graphical desktop connectivity supported, you can use the cloud as your personal compute environment.

Dynamic Environment

Automatic registration and configuration

The Alces Flight Compute appliance automatically registers and configures compute hosts to the chosen cluster scheduler. A quick and easy launch method allows you to scale your environment to your budget; nodes can be manually added to the environment and automatically join the environment, or optionally - Alces tools can deploy additional compute power for you when required. With support for AWS spot, on-demand and private cloud platforms, Alces Flight provides a consistent, scalable environment for running research compute workloads.

Configurable shared storage

Choose where you store permanent and temporary data

Alces Flight Compute provides a choice of shared data areas for storing input data, results files and custom applications. In an auto-scaling environment, users can choose to shutdown compute instances at times of low workload while leaving their data online and accessible.

Applications on-demand

Application Manager integration

An Alces Flight Compute environment used in conjunction with the Alces Flight Application Manager allows you to use your favourite applications again and again on each of your compute environments.

Stand-alone environment

An Alces Flight Compute environment can also exist in a stand-alone manager, providing Alces Gridware packages to the deployed hosts in your environment.

Why do I need an Alces Flight Compute cluster?

Researchers often find arranging access to compute resources challenging and expensive, with significant investment required in hardware and personnel in order to build a usable system. The Alces Flight Compute appliance has been designed to simplify the deployment of HPC compute environments, significantly reducing the time-to-research, as well as providing researchers with powerful tools to get started with their research in the Cloud. Whether as a proof of concept to design and build a new workflow, a test and development environment to demonstrate portability of a research method or a full-time research compute platform, Alces Flight provides the scalable platform you need to support your science.