Manage your data across multiple compute environments

The Alces Flight Storage Access applicance provides users with a single interface to manage multiple data sources. From POSIX storage on your ephemeral clusters to persistent data stored in your S3 buckets - the Storage Access appliance provides seamless interaction between different storage systems. A simple GUI interface provides even novice users with a simple mechanism to locate and securely transfer data between their research locations.

Dynamic Environment

Automatic registration and configuration

When used together with the supporting Alces Flight appliances, the Storage Access Manager appliance automatically deals with node registration and configuration. With registration and configuration taken care of for you - you can concentrate on research rather than setting up your environment.

Multiple storage platforms available

File-based storage

The Storage Access appliance supports POSIX storage types to allow access to data stored on traditional file/directory storage. In conjunction with the Alces Flight appliances, your cluster storage can be dynamically added to the Storage Access appliance, allowing users to interact with multiple compute environments in a single interface.

Object storage

Object storage targets can also be added to the Storage Access appliance, from compatible object storage interfaces including Amazon S3 and Ceph RADOS gateway. Data archiving is quick and easy for end-users to manage, with a simple GUI to bring together storage tiers in one place.